Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Walk in The Park

The Arabian Sea looks onto Kochi with the eyes of a lover. So ardent, so intense. I have always enjoyed their chemistry right from the age I have fancied love. Thanks to the Cochin corporation, they have been so sensitive to this romance and to the responding nature of Kochiites. There are two parks been build right in the heart of the city and also a wide walking space all along the Marine Drive for the people to enjoy the view of the backwaters and also the splendid Cheenavalapalam and Mazhavilpalam. These all are here to compliment your urge to relax after the tiresome day consumed in the office or to spent some quality time with your family amidst the city buzz.

Parks are necessary in every city. Those green shady niches are really an escape for the city population to relax and inhale some fresh air.The idea of a community park popped up in somebody's mind was just for this simple reason. but today, the word park is associated to children. atleast in Kochi. But the concern is not that. We have two parks located adjacent to each other in the Convent Road. One is a public park and the other is the children's park. The public park is free for the public whereas the children's park charges an entry fee of Rs. 5 from an adult. Both these parks are two common hangout places for Kochiites. Long ago.

The scenario has changed topsy turvy now. This blog is with special reference to the Childrens' Park and the Renewable Energy Park constructed inside the park.I had visited the park few days before with regard to my project on biogas which is a renewable source of energy. My entry to this park is the motive for my blog. The Cochin Corporation launched the Renewable Energy Park right inside the Childrens' Park so that the children as well as their parents get familiarised with the renewable sources of energy and make it popularised in the city. It has models of solar water heater, solar battery and how it can be used to generate electricity and also solar cookers, windmills, biogas plant model etc. The Corporation spent lakhs of rupees in this venture and it was bloated by the media well.

Years have passed since its inception and the media lost interest in it. And there lies the Renewable Energy Park at the backyard of the Park unvisited by children or their parents and haunted by tall grasses grown. The models of the windmill and solar panels and biogas plants lay rusted in the ground and the those models when asked to be demonstrated, the person appointed in charge was busy packing his things to go home said in an indifferent manner with a slight tint of sarcasm, that "it won't work. its been so for months!" I had to return disappointed but what made me even more disappointed is the indifferent attitude of the people. Isnt there anybody to just ask why it isn't working. And this park has restricted entry only but still are not they using the money they gain to maintain the park? atleast mow the grass?

Hope there would be greener response to this from the part of the corporation and the Kochiites.

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