Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Walk in The Rain

Rain evokes different kinds of feelings in different people. Some might like it, some might be overwhelmed by the very sight of it,some might hate the clumsiness of it, or dislike the smell etc etc. I love rain in all senses. But yesterday i had to walk in the rain, in one of the roads of ' the centre of mosquitoes', Fort Kochi. The waste from the drainage system which was totally dysfunctional was floating in the 'mini flood'. This water was splashing on the pedestrians whenever a vehicle passed. I saw a bike rider falling in this water. People had to literally swim to reach the shore. Human waste, animal waste, inorganic wastes, small insects, mosquitoes, smell - everything gave the rain a 'terrible' picture in my mind.

And this is 'Greater Cochin Development'.

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