Friday, November 26, 2010

Drive from Palarivattom to Vyttila junction

Yesterday evening, i was driving from Palarivattom to Vyttila junction. I realised that it is more difficult to ride on national highways than on state highways. Though street lights are there, bulbs are are not burning. Recently, NHAI started working on the both sides of the road and creating a gap between the median and the road. it is shallow so that if you are not careful while driving, there is a chance that you may barge into the median (Salman Khan Act !).

i do believe that your riding experience on national highway helps you to understand why we need median of width of 4.5 metres? while driving from Palarivattom to Vyttila, whenever any vehicle stopped to take a right turn, it obstructed the free movement of vehicles behind. i wish both administrators and the general public understand these issues.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inauguration of Senior citizens Forum - Kochi

To tap the rich expertise of the senior citizens of Cochin, the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) is forming a Senior Citizen’s Action Forum, which will give the elderly in Kochi the opportunity to help in research; a platform where they can use their knowledge and expertise for the city’s development.

The forum will be inaugurated by Dominic Presentation, MLA on November 18, 2010, at CPPR’s Elamkulam office at 4 pm. The function will be presided over by Professor M K Sanu (social and literary critic and orator), Deputy Mayor Bhadra Satheesh ,and Mr.P C Cyriac (retired IAS officer) an interactive session with these eminent personalities is also organised for the occasion.

CPPR, a youth-run organisation, is committed to research and project preparation on development policies and government programmes. It conducts projects and prepares reports for various governmental departments and agencies. CPPR is currently focussing on development projects in Kochi, one of which is the Vytilla Mobility Hub. Although the organisation’s ventures in education, governance, alternative dispute resolution and urban reforms are spread across the country, the development of Kerala (in particular Kochi) is its main focus.

CPPR solicits the valuable services of senior citizens, who have retired from civil service, teaching or legal professions to work as liaison officers with the government, semi-government departments and other public institutions. The individuals should be experts in their domains, with knowledge of current developments, and a thorough understanding of the economic, social and political scenario.

For more details, contact Vivek Mathai at 91 9496326956, 0484-6469177.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vyttila watch tower - watching or being watched?

Vyttila is the most busiest junction in Cochin city. Thousands of vehicles criss cross every day through this junction. Demand for a fly over and better transport coordination at Vyttila Junction are over due. Proposed Mobility hub is also planned at Vyttila. To make matters worse, Vyttila junction is an intersection of the national highway and state roads.

In recent times, highway department widened the intersection part of the widening work in Aroor - Edapally stretch. at least for the first time, Cochin has experienced what does it mean by a Free Left at the junctions. but my experience in the last few months is so bad that the free left is often blocked by buses most of the times ! the positioning of the bus stop at the mouth of the free left causes a big problem especially in Aroor Vyttila stretch. most of the times it is KSRTC buses and private buses block the free left ride of other vehicles going to Kadavanthra side.

i wonder is it because of lack of understanding from the drivers side or because of don't care attitude? what about the enforceability? i am surprised that there is Police watch tower at the junction watching all these traffic violations. what is the purpose of watch tower if there is no use. I hope city police and the general public will take this matter seriously.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Road repair in Cochin - a plea to the Mayor

Dear Hon'ble Mayor,

I am pleased to note that you have taken serious note on the bad shape of the roads in Cochin. I would hope this annual exercise is done away with the earnest commitment and dedication to the work carried out. I have not seen repairing of the roads every quarter elsewhere as in Cochin. I hope you would find out the reasons for the same. I am told that on an average 150 new vehicles are hitting the city roads every day. Given the fact that we don't have an efficient public transport system (about which i write later), gutters and potholes lead to wastage of crores of rupees every day on city roads. many a times, i wondered we could have widened over bridges and many rail way over bridges with this money. but who bothers?

Last but not the least, I urge for repair works to be carried out during off peak hours preferably during night. i wish this would not be another burden on the commuting public. As one who represents the middle class and young generation of the city, i sincerely wish you pay attention to the working hours and the loss and damage caused to the companies and offices if these repair works are carried out during the peak hours. As the Mayor of this city, you should appreciate and respect the business economy and general public alike for sustaining this city.




Centre for Public Policy Research