Friday, November 26, 2010

Drive from Palarivattom to Vyttila junction

Yesterday evening, i was driving from Palarivattom to Vyttila junction. I realised that it is more difficult to ride on national highways than on state highways. Though street lights are there, bulbs are are not burning. Recently, NHAI started working on the both sides of the road and creating a gap between the median and the road. it is shallow so that if you are not careful while driving, there is a chance that you may barge into the median (Salman Khan Act !).

i do believe that your riding experience on national highway helps you to understand why we need median of width of 4.5 metres? while driving from Palarivattom to Vyttila, whenever any vehicle stopped to take a right turn, it obstructed the free movement of vehicles behind. i wish both administrators and the general public understand these issues.

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Mathai said...

another suggestion

all day tickets for city travel.

travel by any bus any no. of times
in the city (say from vyttila to edappally to thoppumpdy ) with one ticket.
this will increase traffic in the circular buses and hence reduce congestion.

incidentally bus day is grat idea.