Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Plan called Non - Plan for Kochiates

by Dhanuraj. D

It looks so awkward when we do not forecast the possibilities and challenges that are very much possible within the existing framework. Here is a classic example of such a planned non plan; traffic congestion at LuLu Mall at Edappally. Since this construction for LuLu Mall started, it would have been anyone guess that thousands of footfalls expected in the mall on everyday basis would create traffic snarls and congestion around Edappalli Junction. It seems that authorities concerned neglected or ignored this possibility for many years until the mall got inaugurated. I would say such a sham to decision makers and visionary leadership (?) we have!

While the construction of the Mall was going on, the authorities could have initiated the steps to find the solutions to the traffic congestion that would be created by the Mall. In fact, I remember our suggestions (CPPRs) on a few occasions. We had suggested a hub and spoke model and transport grid organised from Edappally connecting Mobility Hub. In another meeting, we suggested to have the Edappally Metro station on one of the floors of Mall. Unfortunately these suggestions were not even heard by the authorities. There were suggestions offered by other groups as well. They were also turned down. From the authorities part, they did not do anything until the Mall got inaugurated.

I wonder how do we prosper to become the coveted Economic Power status when such incidents are so frequent in this country. It is something similar to demographic dividend prospects. Even though we knew that we could take advantages of having a younger population for a couple of decades, we are still planning for schools and how many schools we may require to tap this advantage.

I don't know why we don't learn from mistakes. Or is it because we lack scientific temperament? But one thing is clear and convincing. We are good at non - planning for the planned projects.