Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vyttila watch tower - watching or being watched?

Vyttila is the most busiest junction in Cochin city. Thousands of vehicles criss cross every day through this junction. Demand for a fly over and better transport coordination at Vyttila Junction are over due. Proposed Mobility hub is also planned at Vyttila. To make matters worse, Vyttila junction is an intersection of the national highway and state roads.

In recent times, highway department widened the intersection part of the widening work in Aroor - Edapally stretch. at least for the first time, Cochin has experienced what does it mean by a Free Left at the junctions. but my experience in the last few months is so bad that the free left is often blocked by buses most of the times ! the positioning of the bus stop at the mouth of the free left causes a big problem especially in Aroor Vyttila stretch. most of the times it is KSRTC buses and private buses block the free left ride of other vehicles going to Kadavanthra side.

i wonder is it because of lack of understanding from the drivers side or because of don't care attitude? what about the enforceability? i am surprised that there is Police watch tower at the junction watching all these traffic violations. what is the purpose of watch tower if there is no use. I hope city police and the general public will take this matter seriously.

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Mathai said...

here are a few suggestions for vyttila junction

**for buses coming from tripunithura

-- restrict the direct passage. allow only right turn. make the other buses turn left and cross the national highway just before the bridge.
---- set up another signal here and synch with the main signal.

--remove the bus stops. move the stops to the national highway for the buses going to kadavanthara and push back the stop for buses going to palarivattom to the temple side.

** for buses coming from ernakulam

-- permit only right turn as above

( keep the bus stops. pushing it ahead will create more problems )

** for enforceability

-- employ citizen invigilators. let these incognito wardens just click the violations and post on a website