Thursday, June 25, 2009

there is always a huge cry about the traffic problems, the pavement problems, garbage problems etc in the city. but the infrastructure development of the outskirts of the city is hardly been discussed. concerns pop up once in blue moon, but they are easily forgotten by people and authorities.

there is much to talk about fort cochin area, where i hail from. the general perception is

'Fort Kochi=Garbage+Mosquitoes'

this is not a recent phenomena. it's been there since ages. gcda, corporation,councillors... everyone has given up and the mosquitoes are ruling the place. garbage bins are always leaking and the cattle wandering on the road like playing with the food packets and plastic wastes.during monsoon the situation is worse. waste of food articles get pasted on road and the plastic bags float in the monsoon water. the drainages are closed in some parts in unscientific manner. this blocks water from its smooth flow through drainage. so the residents get free training in swimming in this 'pure' water.

but recently as the water flow in Rameswaram canal is blocked, people have to swim even inside their houses. the canal is not cleaned frequently it is one of the main reasons for never ending 'mosquitoes'. there are fog engines, 'fog mans' ..... but now the situation is such that mosquitoes can't exist without them! now the residents celebrate the 'mosquito culture' through conducting competitions in mosquito catching.

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