Thursday, June 25, 2009

gate adakal!

today morning i got blocked near willingdon island 'level crossing' as a train had to pass. this thought, which i am goin to share now occured to me as cochin might be the only 'big city' in south india which still has a 'level crosssing system'. as far as i know neither in bangalore nor in hyderabad the road transport has to wait for a train to pass. i enquired with my friends and they told me that it's not happening in chennai too. cochin, which is boasting to be one of the best cities in india in next 5 years or so still lack basic infrastructure for road transport.

passengers from paravur to ernakulam and vice versa have a dreadful picture of edappally level crossing because the railway gate is notorious for it's non-cooperation, and often creates trouble. the road is too narrow and insufficient for heavy vehicles to pass on. though government has acquired land for building a wider road, the progress is still taped in a file. it takes at least an hour to remove traffic block in this particular area.situation is not different in many other places inside the city limits. people have been crying for over bridges but authorities are not opening their eyes.

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