Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bus bays along S.A.Road

I always get down at bus stops along S.A.Road. However, I have always wondered, why there werent any bus bays along the road, given that it is wide enough. The problem is, when you say you want to get down at a particular stop, and you get the ticket for the same, the buses dont consider the stops as the points where you want to get down. They always drop you off somewhere around the point you want to get down at, often a few metres away from the stop. I have had to get down in the middle of the road many a times, when there were mild traffic jams near the stops. And then I would have to play a game of mazes, making my way around the vehicles, finding a safer way to walk. Or, I would have to get down a few metres in front of the designated bus stop, and walk all the way back. ( That, when you dont even have a pavement along the road! That is a different issue though.)

However, it doesnt work the other way round. If you want to board a bus, you wait at the proper bus stop. Else, the buses dont stop and pick you up.

If, however, we were to have properly designed bus bays, we could eliminate this problem. Bus bays would enable the passengers to wait comfortably, and would also ensure their safety while boarding and getting down. It would also be safer for buses to stop as well, since they are moving out of the rest of the traffic. Standard width needed for a bus bay is around 12 feet, and given the width of the road, it shouldnt be hard to accomodate bus bays.

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