Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where r the butterflies?

remember the old days u were mesmerised by those little insects with beautiful printed wings that fluttered from flower to flower in search of neactar. n how u wished to touch its velvety wings and caress them in hands. hoping that u gently tryied to get hold of it and lo! its gone...n the chase begins...u chase it all over the place and ur friends join u in the race n the butterfly fluttered all around and its panic mused u.
now those memories remain as memories. u no longer see those butterflies in ur garden nor in ur neighbourhood!!! u dont find them happily drinking nectar from flowers and those beautiful winged friends are no longer the city kid's friends when matched to playstations and animated videos.
but its a pity to know that the disappearance of butterfly is not because of televison or internet but attributed to a greater villain called the pollution. the climatic conditions have been altered so much so that the butterflies no longer could adapt to the atmospheric changes. moreover, mushrooming of apartments and loss of free green land and free compounds have forced them to search greener pastures.
another factor is the economic point of view of the butterflies! there has been a substantial decrease in the supply of flowers. yeah, technically speaking, we have been importing flowers from tamil nadu.true.so human demand for flowers has increased.so have the butterfly's! but the only problem is they want it fresh.direct from plant. but we humans have so fond of dead fraozen items that we should be called scavengers instead of omnivores.so the supply of fresh flowers became a problem for them in city so they moved on to the nearest available forests(may be very a long distance for them) in search of flowers. since distance became a problem for them, they settled in there and said goodbye to the city. as a result, butterflies has now became an animated reality for the kids of this generation. and those winged friends of yesteryears have confined themselves to the books of a kindergarden student.
B for butterfly!

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