Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, it seems a contradiction that the state with greatest number of literate citizens has so many people who are unable to read a small sign board. What else can possibly be the reason behind cars and rickshaws being parked under signs that say "No Parking" ??

Today I was walking along M.G. Road, for a stretch of maybe 1.5 kms. At the first No Parking sign, a car was parked right under it. It might as well have been an occasional thing, perhaps happening seldom. However, what I saw at the rest of the signs say a different story. Out of the five signs that I saw, almost all of them had vehicles parked under them. At one particular place, the sign is actually only a few meters away from a pay and park facility. In addition, to make things all the more difficult, the 1.5 km stretch that I walked, had cars parked through out, on both sides of M.G.Road. So much so, that the sides of the road look like parking areas.

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