Thursday, May 22, 2008

What had happened to Kochi? if we analyze the problems that Kochi faces, we can find an interesting fact, that the root cause for most problems faced by Kochi can be attributed to negligence to stick to the basics. For instance, everyone is ecstatic about the multi million Metro Rail project, but no one is ready to advocate for the repairs of the city roads which has a budget of a few lakhs of Rupees. People are not willing to look into those perils which require our immediate attention. It is interesting that most serious problems have their origin in relatively simpler stuffs, for example, these days, we are experiencing serious serious traffic jams in the small stretch of road between the North over-bridge and Kacheripadi; this is attributable to a gutter in the road, right infront of Popular Mill stores. A few days back, this gutter was a very small one, however, neglect from the part of people and authorities have caused it to grow in size. Today, the gutter eats up hours of each inhabitant of Kochi and also causes hundreds of liters of Petrol to be wasted each day. It is high time that we get back to our basics, try to solve those simpler problems, which left unattended, will seriously jeopardize our interests in having a developed city. It is a fundamental fact that inorder to build a multi-story ed building, you need to have a firm foundation. Similarly, inorder to implement huge projects, we need to get our basics right, we need to shift our focus to those simpler things, makesure they are set right and then, slowly, progress to our set goals.

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