Friday, May 30, 2008

Public Transport System

While we complain about the minuscule road development projects in city, we shall understand the role of Public Transport system can play in the city. Compared to many other cities, Cochin has critical mass of public transport system dominated by Private buses. These buses are well connected to the different regions of the district. Still, we see the the endless queuing up of these buses at most of the busiest traffic islands. At the same time, Cochin city area witnesses the influx of private motor vehicles mostly the cars. They also add to the city traffic.

I was under the impression that the public transport system is very bad in city. Later on i have realised that it is better than many other cities if the density of the operated buses considered. I talked to many who are frequent commuters in the city buses and those who take private vehicles to the Road. To most of them, the buses give better options in city. Yet they switch over to the private vehicles as a result of traffic snag that they experience every time. If that is the case, it is applicable to your private vehicles also if they hit the city road. Then i was surprised by another interesting observation. In a feudal society like that of Kerala, no one wants to rub their shoulders with their fellow passengers in a crowded buses. Moreover it gives a status for the passenger if he/she travels by his/her own cars. Story is different if some one takes two wheelers to the road. Most of them commented that Two wheelers are the best mode of transportation during the peak hours as the city offers many parallel openings from the main roads to escape from the traffic snarls. It reminds me on another issue in city; too many bus stops. I may sound unethical but this is true in city transport system. Some one was commenting that there need not be a bus stop for the bus to stop. It is correct observation. The buses stop everywhere in city blocking the line of traffic. Every two hundred meters, bus stops are there in the city.This is a ridiculous arrangement. In order to save a smooth traffic flow, the authorities have to enforce discipline and management starting with the rearrangement of bus stops in city.

I was wondering in a state like Kerala, where HDI is very high and per capita income is on an average is superior to many other cities, when can we travel by Air Conditioned public transport? If the issue is rubbing shoulders with swanky and sweat fellow passengers, why can't we operate air conditioned buses. That may attract many moving from private vehicles to public transport again. Why dont we have A/c buses for Ernakulam - Pirvam, Ernakulam - Aluva routes?

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