Saturday, May 31, 2008

Roads in Cochin

The major road in Cochin is Mahatma Gandhi Road. Most of the times when i drive down this road, i realize how badly this road is managed. There is no proper definition for any of the roads in city. If we conduct a pedestrian audit, it will end up with court litigations since they are not following Indian Road Congress guidelines and standards. There is no space for the pedestrians and cyclists. Unfortunately, we do not have a planning process where we give importance to pedestrians leave alone the cyclists. The city is crowded like anything that no one will dare to the non pollutant cycles to the streets. Bottlenecks at the two ends of the city; South and North railway over bridges are the other two perennial problems. For the last two years, Kaloor - Kadavantra Subash Chandra Bose Road has been shut. I wonder what happened to the informed citizenry of this city. They are alarmingly silent on these issues. I suspect it may lead to a hostile situation.

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