Wednesday, October 19, 2011


By D Dhanuraj

Today, most of the media reports discuss the lack of cooperation from KSRTC to extend their services to Vyttila Mobility Hub in the late evening. it seems both the parties have strong points to justify the cause. KSRTC believes that the KSRTC bus stand might lose its value if they shift their operations to Mobility Hub. I do not understand why KSRTC should own such a vast land in the midst of the city. whenever I travel across Kerala, i realize that KSRTC owns acres of land at the prime locations and no one knows how effectively they utilize the land. I am not surprised since all the transport companies of the State has this perennial problem whether it is Air India or Indian Railways or KSRTC. in contrary, no one discusses about what is going to happen with Kaloor bus stand. it shows how much we are dented in state property that is not effectively utilized or traded.

another argument is that west Kochi goers will be affected by this shift. I am so happy that at last some one is discussing the issues of west Kochi commuters. not even 5000 crores metro rail project is silent about the west Kochi goers and their plights. so what need to be done?

I would strongly recommend for a consortium managed by mobility hub society to take care of the transport needs of Kochi city. All the Intra-bus operations shall be under the management and monitoring of Vyttila mobility hub society. The Society shall identify the corridors and circular routes and should invite operators to bid for these routes. Inter city operations can be managed by KSRTC and other operators as of now. Vyttila mobility hub society shall work with Kochi corporation as a nodal agency to fix the transport issues in the city. integration of various transport authorities to issue permits and routes for intra - bus operations within the city shall be under the strict monitoring and evaluation of mobility hub society. I believe the mobility hub society should bring traffic experts and urban planners on the board to manage the intra city operations. It shall not be left to someone in Trivandrum to decide on the intra city operations of Kochi city. let it be a smart beginning for Mobility hub society...


faris said...

All the night ksrtc buses should come to the city main ksrtc bus stand, it will be very helpful passengers, 90 % of passengers coming here for the purpose of inside the city,

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