Monday, October 31, 2011

Mobility hub row unwanted: CPPR

KOCHI: Even as debate continues on the role of Vyttila Mobility Hub Society and the KSRTC in deciding the transport routes and operations in Kochi, the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) has come forward with the statement that the whole row may be unnecessary.

“While submitting the report, the CPPR had clearly stated the vision for having a mobility hub in a city like Kochi. If questions are raised about the role of KSRTC in deciding the city operations, it is because the concept and vision of the mobility hub at Vyttila is not understood,” the organisation said in a press statement.

The Mobility Hub Society, according to the CPPR, shall be in charge of the entire transport operations in the city. Meanwhile, at the Mobility Hub Society meetings and discussions, all stake holders, including the KSRTC, private bus owners and associations, autorickshaw unions and inland water navigation operators shall be represented.
Government functionaries like Southern Railway, Metro Rail, RTOs, traffic police and district transport officers shall be represented but the power to decide the operations and city routes shall be vested with the Mobility Hub Society.

The society will also have the power to decide upon the modifications in transport routes owing to emergencies, festivals or other local requirements.
“This arrangement will help them to sit around a table and discuss the transportation requirements.

“One does not have to rush to Thiruvananthapuram to address the traffic needs of the city. That way, the city will have a comprehensive transport plan and thus increase connectivity to the remote and ignored areas.

The KSRTC, on the other hand, will continue to decide its inter-city operations.
“The hub will decide on owning intra-city buses whereas the KSRTC can continue to decide on the inter-city operations,” the statement said.

The Mobility Hub Society will work in tandem with the Kochi Corporation and can facilitate the city planning and influence land use pattern.

The Mobility Hub Society can help the city development plans by providing consultancy and services in terms of bridging the gaps in connectivity. Same shall be the case with the inland water navigation priorities. The society can develop the inland water navigation routes and entrust the operators with the task of easing out the traffic congestion on the city roads.

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