Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Traffic Diversion and Metro rail

For many in the Government, yesterday was the D-day for their immediate future plans. The much awaited traffic diversion was scheduled for yesterday. there were protests, agony and confusion after their first trial run. The crowd might have felt lot of ease at the end of yesterday's experiment for the simple reason that traffic congestion was not felt in the corridors. today, media also has written all good stories about the diversion and success.

But, was it a traffic diversion? to me, it is nothing but a ban in a reformed way. reports suggest that the city is devoid of 1500 per trips per every day. if that is the case, I am not surprised that there is no traffic blocks in the city. this could have been done even without reconstruction works at North over bridge. in fact, the mobility hub was supposed to meet these objectives. But i am concerned about the number of new city buses been introduced as a result of this ban. have they taken care of the needs of the public while they try to introduce the new permits?

No one has discussed about Vyttila junction and Edappally junction as a result of these changes. If there is a traffic block, it is because of the reason that they have not identified the proper lane traffic and entry-exit passages.

all the developments raise a very fundamental question; what are the issues with the public transport and traffic congestion in the city? isn't it because of the reason that route rationalization and rearrangements have not taken place in Cochin for a long time? do we need to spend Rs 5000 crores to solve these issues? yesterday itself, it has been proved that these issues can be fixed without much spending.

Has anyone studied on the impact of these plans in the areas like M G Road and Banerjee road?How do real estate market react to these developments. I wish these areas don't go in the lines of Mattancherry and Fort Cochin in another few years. we need a vibrant city and it shall not be at the cost of social fabric.

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