Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Share Autos in city of Cochin

by D Dhanuraj

it is astonishing that traffic problems in cochin city has been solved well before metro rail started its construction. Authorities claim that it is traffic diversion but what they have done essentially is that diverting city bound long distance buses through National Highways or asking them to terminate at Hub. it seems that an effective chain service from Hub to city side is yet to be inaugurated. Commuting public started complaining about the difficulties they face every day and man hours lost. Especially for the ladies who commute from the areas like Aroor and Cherthala, any delay at Vyttila junction can cause immense trouble back home.

I am surprised that no one talks about para transit operations in a city like Cochin. I am told that there is no provision under state RT Act to issue licenses to share auto or share auto concept is foreign to authorities in Kerala. when we complain about the last mile and first mile problems in the areas like Chellanam, Kannamaly, Palluruthy, EdaKochi etc, we are not thinking of allowing these auto rickshaw services to be the part of larger public transport system. Same is the case with the complaints on narrow roads and efficacy of having bus routes to connect highly densed areas of Kerala not only in Cochin. Share autos can do a better job connecting these remote areas. let it start with connecting Cochin city from Vyttila Mobility hub by share autos...

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