Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kochi Marathon 2010

The Kochi Marathon 2010, slotted for the 10th of January 2010, is a long-distance foot race which aims the participation of the Kochiites for the welfare of the city. It is a platform for all the citizens of the city of Cochin to come together and share their aspirations for bringing in internationally standardized infrastructural development to the city. It further provides the city with a platform to come together in a celebration that cuts across social and economic barriers.

It is a follow up plan for “Reinventing Cochin” a project carried out in the city of Cochin by Centre for Public Policy and Research. It is an attempt to ensure the participation of all the people in the city, in the efforts of the organization to transform the city into a world class model.

Cochin is a historically renowned centre of commerce and has a unique niche in the world tourism map. However, lack of infrastructural facilities, especially in terms poor condition of roads, have been often a hurdle for her economic development and a blot on her pristine image. Owing to this reason the livability of the city also has been at stake. The project, “Reinventing Cochin” has identified many internationally acclaimed developmental projects for dealing with this problem. However they can not come into fruition without the support and participation of the residents of the city. Cochin Marathon 2010 is the first effort in this regard.

Development of the city of Cochin will definitely ensure the development of all the stakeholders in the city. With this view in mind Cochin Marathon 2010 will ensure the participation and collaboration of all the stakeholders in the city. All the people in the city can participate in the run either as runners or as volunteers. Besides, all the International, National and local business enterprises which have a stake in the city can join with the organizers of the event as sponsors of the event.

For enquiries, please contact cppr@cppr.in

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