Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Urban eco system - a change over to M G Road

by D.Dhanuraj

Urban ecosystems are evolved over the ages. Cochin has ignored rich and traditional past. Fort Kochi and Mattancherry are good examples of how planners can kill the rich culture and traditions of an ecosytem. In my school classes, I was so curious to study about these places and I was so excited to be in the land of historical importance. I was shocked when I got an opportunity to visit these places as I grow older. These places are dead are does not carry any vibrancy that I had learnt in my school classes. From M G Road to Fort Kochi, it takes an hour by bus. my History teacher had taught me that Fort Kochi and Mattancherry are part of Historical ferry centres. but where are they?

today, M G Road is undergoing such a change over. The planners say that they have diverted the city traffic to help metro rail construction. Mobility hub at Vyttila has helped them to decongest the city. but it also raises a question on traffic ban in Cochin city? have the authorities ensured accessibility to M G Road to commuters? Buses could be replaced by mini buses, autos and share autos. in the last two years, whenever i drive on M G Road, I am greeted with 'For rent' banners on the buildings on both sides. In recent times,I am told that many are vacating M G Road for Metro rail construction. I do figure out that M G Road is becoming increasingly deserted and the site rings alarm bell for all of us.

I do not want M G Road to become another Fort Kochi. Proper arrangements for connecting M G road with the outside world shall be there even during theses changing times. dont think that metro will solve the woes and plights on M G Road. rather it shall be converted as a walking mall. it shall be an aspiring destination for on street food cafes and entertainment. let the city grow eastwards and the business and commercial establishments also let loose with these developments. it gives ample opportunities for the eco system to rearrange itself to provide the best street amenities on M G Road to the public at large. lets have free rides and green space and window shopping on M G Road !!

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