Monday, May 23, 2011

A drive to Oberon Mall

By D. Dhanuraj

it has been a sunny Sunday afternoon. Petrol price has been hiked up. Feel sorry about the politicians still play a major role in deciding the schedule of petroleum price hike. In Kerala, another hartal is over. Not sure how many crores we lost because of that hartal. no one seemed to have taken a stock of the events on that day, it seems ! i was driving towards city side from Tripunithura region. at Vyttila, i was caught in surprise by the number of cars taking right turn. My fellow passenger in the car told me that every body is rushing to Oberon mall to enjoy their sunday evening.

it struck me about the poor transport arrangement the city has. there are not many buses servicing the bye pass road. going to Oberon mall on any holiday tells you that the parking lots are packed and private vehicles are parked in front of the mall on the sides of the national highway. i do think that it is because of the lack of public transport facilities to that side, every one is compelled to take their private vehicles to go to Oberon mall. like hartal, no one bothers about how many liters of petrol is burnt because of lack of sustainable public transport facilities to Edappally side via bypass road. this is a good case study, similar destinations are plenty in city and we complain about traffic congestion without solving the basic issues.

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