Friday, October 29, 2010

Cochin city has a new council - reasons for defeat

This time, the elections to Cochin Corporation turned to be historical as Left parties led rule in the Corporation came to an end after 32 years. Many say, it was not unexpected but for me, it was larger than expected. An irony of the city all these years was that MP and MLA go to Congress party while the Corporation council was always with LDF. This time, scenario has been changed as UDF registered a thumbing victory over LDF by winning 47 seats out of 74.

Following reasons can be cited for the loss of LDF;

1. Though it was a local government election, over all assessment of the results at the State level indicates that it has been a verdict against the ruling coalition of the State rather at the local level.

2. lack of infrastructure development over the decades.

3. deteriorated conditions of roads, lack of drinking water and failure in sustaining waste management system.

4. lack of vision that is required matching with the pace and development of a metropolitan city.

5. absence of quality services and traditional wisdom prevailing over the progressive thoughts.

6. Corporation office becoming very archaic and insidious to the general public.

7. No new projects and no new developmental initiatives.

8. Absence of a better urban transport system.

9. Alienation of political party leaders from the general public.

10. Disgruntled elements in the ruling party

Wish that incumbent council learns from the mistake and revive the city life !!!

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