Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Curious Case of Signals atop the South Bridge

Being preoccupied with the Cycle Rally left me with little time to record some of the more curious and sometimes downright bizarre going-ons in the City of my Youth, namely Kochi. Now that I have time on my hands once again, I find it categorical I put my observations into words.

The tale I have for my beloved Bloggers today is "The Curious Case of Signals atop the South Bridge"! No doubt those of you who traverse those roads would have seen them grinning from atop their heavenly abode, mounted atop shiny black poles! They look like early Christmas celebrations, put up perhaps by an overly enthusiastic City Administration to celebrate the Holiday Spirit. Very Bright too... and shiny.

Ever wondered what they were doing atop a bridge though? Apart from wresting innocent drivers attention from their steering wheels, I mean! I don't drive and so won't claim to know much about the art, but it seems to me to be very unlikely for drivers to want to break atop any bridge! And even if we are encouraged to, I wouldn't want to break my vehicle at an uncomfortable obtuse or 90 degree angle! However, a maths freak would enjoy it of course, " If car A started from the bottom of the bridge and stopped midway between Signal no. 2 and Signal no.3, at what angle to the road would his vehicle be situated at?" May be they wish to encourage geometry!

Nonsense aside, I fail to conceive a plausible reason for traffic signals, that too 4 of them atop a small bridge. While it is true that traffic does cause mayhem and that South Bridge records some of the worst of it, a bit of traffic management, a dash of patience and a good bit of maneuvering is all that one requires to survive it!

What next?, this bewildered Kochiite wonders?


Andrine Mendez said...

Hey,well i thought some1 knew the very exact reason but from seeing how it is placed what i figured out is this:
Remeber thr was a time when police used to stop traffic from valajabalam nd allow only one way traffic thru bridge and this used to be cycled..was effective to some extent !
This was done manually,they installed this system so as to make it automated..hav spent a huge amount too..but never actually used it...

Unknown said...

Hey... I agree, but its kinda stupid to have installed signals on top the bridge to accomplish that! They must think the positioning pretty strategic, because last time I checked, the signals are still there. Except for random blinking, I have never seen them put to use, so I think it a complete waste of public money!