Wednesday, August 19, 2009

India to E-ndia.

The world today, is at my finger tips. Yeah, the cliche statement about how the internet brings you closer to the world and such. But then, at times, cliche statements are the best way to put things forward.

What I am talking about, is the launch of this website: www.rtination.com. What it gives you is, a much much easier way of filing RTI applications. You register yourself on the website, fill in your application, pay a nominal fee, and they deliver your application. What I found easy was, I just sit in my room, filling an RTI application while I might be listening to music, or enjoying a cup of tea( that is how the website puts it: let's make changes in India while enjoying a cup of tea) and pay a charge of 125 Rs and let RTINation do the rest of the work. Saves time and effort. Well, that is another addition to the facilitator's bandwagon, what with facilitators in almost all other fields. However, this definitely sounds good, because the website seems to be getting decent amount of hits, with applications ranging from development of Vizag airport to midday meal schemes. Let's just hope this keeps the RTI act alive, and helps in promoting RTI as well.

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