Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beginning of the road

For the last four years, I was aware of the concept of " Reinventing Cochin" what I call the pet topic of the Team CPPR. Now, my thoughts are revolving around the domain of urban governance and Cochin Corporation.By the 74th amendment act, we implemented decentralization in urban areas. The concept of Grama sabha was a manna from heaven for the rural India.But, what about the urban areas????
When I explored the possibility of an internship related to Cochin, in connection with urban governance I came to know about the Area Sabha, which is already in air by a vibrant civil society in India. Can we fill the gap between Corporation and the common people with the help of this idea?

There is an observation that, if we consider the possibility of a facilitator role in bridging the gap between the authority and the public what is the role of lay man????
How are the representative motives of the political parties represent the human needs including basic needs?
Why the inert mindset of the urban middle class is prevalent in recent elections?
Why the so called new generation negating the impact of public life in the society?
These are some questions which I have in my mind, at present.
I will come up with new insights in the following days

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