Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hand Eye Co-ordination

When i was young, i used to wonder how we are able to lift things from ground...as i grew up, i learned that it was due to a phenomenon called 'Hand-Eye co-ordination'. We see something and the eyes transmit it to our brains, our brain then decides if we are to take it or not, if it decides to take the object, it sends messages to the hand which picks the article up. During all these process, both the eyes and the hand works in tandem, resulting in the action. You must be wondering why i am speaking about this while talking about Cochin. The answer is simple, our city lacks this 'Hand-Eye Co-ordination'. We plan a lot of things for our city, but when trying to implement them, things fail to fall in place. I can give you a simple example, our Cochin Corporation came up with a new Bye-law dealing with the topic of Solid Waste which came into force on 1st of June, 2008. As per the Bye-law, all the road side waste bins were to be removed. This was based on the understanding that the Corporation would make arrangements to collect waste from each household. However the present situation is such that, 3 days after the Legislation has come into force, though the road side waste collection bins have been removed, the Corporation is yet to make arrangements to collect waste from the households in many areas of the city! Moreover, there are complaints that the existing waste collection system is facing a break down. The sight of waste lying accumulated on the road sides testifies this awful truth.

It is high time that we realize some ground realities. When we plan something and try to implement it, we should take all the efforts to make sure that things fall in right places at the right times. It is never advisable to keep waiting and see if time would put things in place. If we don't realize this atleast now, city life will become more and more cumbersome. Let us all hope that our Corporation and people learn from the failures and thrive to get this 'Hand-Eye Co-ordination' correct.

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