Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sponsor a leg....

Yup... you heard it right!

Sponsor your leg... and you won't regret it!!! Loads of incentives to help you along the way - free t-shirts and refreshments!!!

Cycle in Gods own Country... So... watcha waiting for people???

Be a Pedal Pusher!!!

Hear ye, hear ye!!!

Call to all the health conscious, the eco-friendly inclined and urban-reform oriented Kochiietes!!!!

Pedal on the 5th of December from Darbar Hall Ground and back for a better City!

Some people express themselves through music, some through dance and yet others through art... A PEDAL PUSHER expresses his OPINION by cycling for positive City change...

Cycle alongside those you've elected to represent you... Cycle with your friendly City Police... Cycle alongside your peers, colleagues, friends and families... cycle for your believes, your convictions and your ideas... CYCLE FOR FUN, FITNESS AND CHANGE..

Reinventing Cochin Cycle Rally 2009!

Call for
‘Reinventing Cochin’

Cities are a part of our lives and language. Globally, the dimensions of city culture have changed to accommodate the growing needs of the city people. Cities are mostly places where people meet for leisure and pleasure. It should accordingly, open up, invite and include people, and offer various avenues for entertainment. With the ever-increasing environmental and health concerns, a city where shopping and entertainment go hand-in-hand with environmental consciousness is a dream which should transcend into a reality. However, urbanism in the cities can be generated only if we have ecological and socially sustainable platforms. Only this can herald a vibrant city.

A country mirroring varied cultures and lifestyle, the India of today is redefined by its upscale cities, which lead a global existence. Indian cities have grown at alarming rates; unfortunately they are not landmarks of much, except perhaps haywire traffic and pollution. Our new-age cities are unplanned agglomerations that suffer from bad traffic, pollution, complex life situations and lack of insight. And Kochi is no different.

Kochi, identified by governmental records as a metropolis, is a city with a population of 13.55 lakhs. It is a mjor contributor to Kerala’s economy, contributing upto 14% of the state GDP. But city life is literally in shambles. Infrastructure-wise, narrow roads and traffic congestion, speeding buses, unplanned medians and flooded roads, lack of pedestrian sidewalks and open drains have all turned life worse for the average Kochiite. The city has ceased to be environment-friendly as well. There is a marked absence of green open spaces. Trees are cut down in order to make way for swank helipads and concrete development. Waste disposal has come to mean dumping it in the most unlikely of spaces. Also, the growing number of vehicles cause considerable ecological damage through emissions and noise from internal combustion engines. An AQI up to 50 is regarded as good while the 51-100 range is considered moderate. Anything above 100 is considered unhealthy while those above 150 are considered down right harmful. In Kochi, the Air Quality Index (AQI) readings are from between 160-200 on an average. All this mayhem warrants immediate action.
In pursuit of discovering newer ways to energize city life and to help build a ‘people oriented city’ Reinventing Cochin, one of the leading initiatives of Centre for Public Policy Research, is seeking to organize a campaign unlike any other - a Cycle Rally! The Rally, sought to be held during the 5th of December 2009 to coincide with the World Pollution Prevention Day and the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009, is aimed at reviving the luster of greenery and the power of easy mobility that Kochi is slowly, but surely losing. This, we believe can be achieved by efficiently integrating cycling into mainstream transportation.
Cycling is one of the most efficient modes of non-motorized transportation system. Cities have realized its multi-faceted potential in being eco-friendly, affordable and healthy. Cycling also transcends barriers of class, age and physical ability. It is an expression of freedom. It is a symbol of equality and human dignity. It will help Kochi rebrand it self from a disorganized agglomeration into a ‘people oriented’ city. A city for ‘ALL’!!!

So…Join us in breathing life back into the city – towards a safer, eco-friendly, healthy and fun Kochi! Healthy City, Healthy You, today and tomorrow!!!